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Before retiring to bed, last night, the weather man suggested that we might wake up to snow. I set my alarm for 5am so that I could go for a run in the white stuff before going into work.

My alarm buzzed at 05:00 and I sauntered to the window to check the depth of the snow only to find none at all. Oh well, I was up now so I might as well nip out for a jog.
By 05:10, I was outside, in a steady drizzle, starting my run. To save any thinking, I chose my usual Water Orton circuit and set off.
Nothing much to report. I managed a fairly steady 9:30 per mile on somewhat tired legs (from Monday’s 26 mile walk).
I was back in the house at 5:45; showered, fed and on my way to work by 6:20.

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