Two Parkruns ?

After a rest day yesterday, my training plan called for 6 miles, today. Saturday is parkrun day and today’s venue was Kingsbury Waterpark.

I had an extra cuppa at work with the oncoming shift before taking a leisurely drive out to Kingsbury. I got there just as they were opening for business.

“You’re a bit keen”, stated the man on car park duty.
“Just finished a night shift and came straight here”, I explained
“Oh. I’ll give your car a knock if you nod off waiting”, he promised

I parked up but had no intention of resting – I had 3 miles to run – BEFORE the parkrun !

I donned my snazzy, new, parkrun volunteer t-shirt and set off around the parkrun course. I did the 3.1 miles in just over 30 minutes at around 10 minute per mile pace.

Ten minutes later, I was lined up ready to do it all again. The throng started to move and I set off at around the same 10 minute pace. However after the first half mile, I was averaging around 9:30 which I tried to hold.

As I progressed around the lakes, the average was down to 9:10 and I was feeling fine. With a mile to go I decided to try and get it down to 9:00. I crossed the finish line in 27:20; an average pace of 8:52 !

I finished comfortably and walked briskly to registration to get my barcodes scanned. I was back home by a quarter to ten.

UPDATE – The results are in. Officially, I finished in 27:22 in 151st place out of 383. Better still, I was 2 minutes faster than last week 🙂


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