Parkrun Goodies

Rest day today so no running or walking to report.

However, on arrival at work, I was informed that I’d had a some packages delivered.

The first was a letter, containing my little parkrun barcode tags. For those unacquainted with parkrun, let me explain.

Parkrun organise free, timed, 5km events, around the world, every Saturday morning. The events are usually run amidst some nice scenery in local parks. My nearest parkrun is in Kingsbury Waterpark.

The events are not races but they are timed. To get the times, each runner has their own barcode and on crossing the finish line is given another barcode recording their position. The two codes are scanned and combined with the times from the finish. An hour or so later an email arrives giving position and time. It’s like magic !

In the early years of parkrun, you had to print (and laminate) your own barcode but now you can get, professionally printed tags or even wristbands.

For runners, free shirts are given at various milestones. T-shirts are awarded after running 50, 100 and even 250 events. Juniors can get one after 10. Recently, to acknowledge the work of the many volunteers, on which parkrun depends, a volunteer 25 shirt has been introduced. 
The next package was MY free parkrun volunteer t-shirt. 
My final package was non-parkrun stuff, namely a pair of shorts and a pair of leggings.
It’s like Christmas come early !!!


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