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Today I’ve been trying to rejoin my old running club. The website suggests paying by bank transfer and emailing one’s details to the membership secretary. However, the email given is out of date.
After contacting someone from the club, I was given the new email address. This email doesn’t work either as you need to be a member to post to it – a bit of a catch 22 situation.
I have already transferred my subscription but am no closer to becoming a member.
I’m resorting to plan B (or is that C? ) – I’ve got the membership secretary’s address so I’ll pop a completed membership form off on the way into work this evening.
I wonder how many people have been put off from joining the club because of this broken membership process ?
Once a member, and registered with UK Athletics, I can sign up for a few events and get my £2 discount on each one ! Likely events are …

  • Centurion Grand Prix Series (5M each)
  • Welly Half (13.1M)
  • South Shropshire Round (25M +)
  • Coventry Half (13.1M)
  • Charnwood Marathon (27M)
  • Coventry Way (40M)
  • Clun Valley (26M)
  • Wenlock Olympic Walk (50M)
  • Dovedale Dipper (26M)
  • Sandwell Six Towns (26M)
  • Birmingham Marathon (26.2M)

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