Best parkrun of 2016

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Up in time to grab a light breakfast and drive out to Kingsbury Waterpark. I drove up to the carpark barrier, flashed my parkrun barcode and expected to be let in.

“That’ll be £2”
“Haven’t you been before?”
“It’s been a while”
“We have to charge a couple of quid to cover some of the car park charges!”
“Fair enough!”

After forking out my £2, I parked up and after a short warm up jog, lined up at the start. I don’t know whether it was just this weekend but there were pacers running and I decided to try and keep up with the 30 minute man.

We started moving and I soon settled into a steady pace with the 30 minute man in sight. I slowly moved up through the pack catching my man after half a mile.

I stayed with the group hoping to finish within 30 minutes but after a couple of miles I found myself creeping ahead and crossed the finish line in a time of 29:22. Not brilliant but as the e-mail says …

… it was my fastest time this year !!!

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