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Railway Walks

I grabbed a lift to the north of Wolverhampton for today’s walk. I had decided to walk from Tettenhall, along…

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Pub Run

I had 6 miles to run today and being a Sunday (Griffin Inn day) I chose to run to the…

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Best parkrun of 2016

Up in time to grab a light breakfast and drive out to Kingsbury Waterpark. I drove up to the carpark…

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W to W

W to W – That’ll be Walsall to Wolverhampton. I caught the train to Walsall Station and was surprised to…

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To Work

Made my way into work via the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal. I walked as far as Jarvis Way (just after…

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Water Orton Circuit

First of my runs. Starting off easy with walking / running to ease my body back into running. 5 minutes…