So what went wrong ?

As you can see, I started off well, clocking around 15 minutes per mile but this crept up and was around 20 minutes when I decided to jack it in.
This is what I think I did wrong…
  • Started too fast – I had 48 hours to get around and I should have taken more time. Perhaps starting with the ‘slower’ group at 10:00 would have helped?
  • Didn’t eat properly – I didn’t take in enough Calories. I was trying to get in and out of the checkpoints too quickly instead of making sure that I’d eaten and drank enough.
  • I didn’t respect the distance – I thought that it would have been a lot easier.
Oh well, there’s always next year*
* Actually, next year’s event is the same weekend as my niece’s wedding – I’ve asked if she could pick another date but she refused. Well, there’s always Kent in 2018 !

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