Going South

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All the preparation is done. All the gear is packed. Kev is ready.
The 100 has finally arrived !
As planned, I caught the train down to Weymouth and duly arrived around 5pm. I made my way, around the corner, to the prom and to apartment 5.
HQ for the week was a great little flat with a large lounge / kitchen overlooking the beach, 2 ample bedrooms and a bathroom with bath and shower – all that we needed.
My ‘crew’ would not be arriving until tomorrow afternoon and would, hopefully, meet up with me somewhere out on the course. I went through my kit, checking that everything that I needed to take with me was in the rucksack and things that would be needed later were packed, elsewhere, for my other half (the crew) to bring later.
I checked the times of the local buses and discovered that the number 10 would whisk me from a few doors down to the start at Wey Valley School, tomorrow morning in plenty of time.

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