Less Than 33 Days To Go


It’s getting closer by the day and I’m beginning to get a little nervous. As I’ve said before, I’ve been a little busy lately and am now finding the time to get my head (feet and legs) into 100 Mode.
Travel and accommodation are sorted – that’s something.
Today, I had a look at the official LDWA Dorset 100 website and discovered this little chart showing distance to the 15 checkpoints…

So, what does this tell me?
  • There are 15 checkpoints with legs of between 3.1 and 10.2 miles
  • There is 13,791 feet of ascent – that’s nearly 14 THOUSAND feet of ascent ! That’s nearly 6 times up Snowdon*.
  • An average gradient of 2.5%. That’s gradient going up before you pedants tell me that because we start and finish at the same place the average gradient will be 0% – Smart Arse!
  • I will walk in excess of 200,000 steps – I hope that I don’t loose count and have to start again!
* Following the Pyg track.


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