The Lake District

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As is quite usual, I stopped off at Hockley Heath, leaving the car in the car park, noting that the gates will be locked at 6:30 – plenty of time.

As is quite unusual, I took the canal towards Birmingham instead of my usual direction. I was planning on walking to Earlswood, going around the lakes and returning via the canal.

A few hundred metres along the Stratford canal and I remembered why I rarely walk this stretch of towpath…


After a couple of slippery miles and just after passing under the M42, I left the mud behind and made my way to Earlswood.

Windmill Pool

After Earlswood, a muddy path led from the main road down to Windmill Pool. The path continued to Malt house Lane from where I followed a no-through-road to Terry’s Pool.

A causeway at the end of Terry’s Pool carried the path to Engine Pool and from there back to tarmac.

The lakes were built in the 1820’s to feed the Stratford canal with water. Combined, they cover some 70 acres.

Lady Lane took me back to the canal where, for some strange reason, I walked in the wrong direction! I can only put it down to being tired after my first night shift.

Tour of The Lake District

After a quarter of a mile, I realised my mistake and started to retrace my steps. A quick mental calculation involving the number of miles back to the car, my average speed and the time the car park gates would get locked didn’t quite add up. The only thing that I could do was to move faster – quite a bit faster – like, running speed!

I trotted / jogged / ran (delete as applicable) the last two and a half miles arriving at the car with 5 minutes to spare – Phew !

Checking my progress, later, I discovered that I’d run that last stretch at around 9 minutes per mile and, surprisingly, it felt good – perhaps I’ll have to add running back into the mix?

I arrived at work hot and sweaty but a shower and a couple of coffees soon had me feeling recovered and ready for an evening of graft.

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