Getting Wet on the Outside to Get Wet on the Inside

Following a rest day, yesterday, and after a bit of
DIY which didn’t go quite to plan, I decided that I needed a walk.

I spoke to my other (better) half and arranged to meet at that perennial watering hole, The Griffin. After a cursory glance at the charts, I decided on a route through Coleshill, Lea Marston, Whitacre Heath and Shustoke. The distance was just over 9 miles and to allow for photo shots, I set off at half four to get to The Griffin around 7.

My first photo opportunity came within half a mile when I was thwarted in my attempt to use the subway under the busy A452, Collector Road. Not wanting to wade through a foot of water, I went over the top instead before continuing to Water Orton and then on to Coleshill.

The familiar walk through Hams Hall alloweed me to make good time and all was going swimmingly until I hit this…

This puddle was right across the road. I could have gone back but the alternative to Hogrills End, going on past experience (see earlier blog entry) would have been even wetter. I tried to keep to the edge but still managed to get a tide mark a foot or so up my legs. Luckily, I had my quick dry trousers on so the discomfort was be short-lived.
The River Tame on the other side of Lea Marston was very high, almost to the level of the railway.
Another big puddle took a little navigation but the main hazard was the cars which could have come tanking on through and covered me in a tsunami. Luckily, I got the timing right and suffered little more than wet, or wetter, feet.
The rest of the walk was uneventful and at Hogrills End, I saw that the alternative route was, indeed, submerged.
I arrived at my destination a little before 7 but the boozer was open so in I went.
After getting wet on the outside, I commenced getting wet on the inside, thanks to the excellent supplies of Real Ale on tap.
Sue arrived around 7 and after a few jars (for me) and a few coffees (for Sue) we headed for home, a shower and bed.


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