Kingswood in the daylight

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On a stint of nights. Left for work a bit early and parked up in Hockley Heath for a walk along the canal before work. Now this stretch of the Stratford-upon-Avan canal is quiet familiar but only at night. Today, for a change, I had an hour and a half of daylight to get to Kingswood and back.
Expecting the towpath to be a bit muddy, I shunned the new shoes and plumbed for my Solomon trail shoes. Surprisingly, the footpath was in quite good condition but still a little soft in places!
With better light, I managed to make the best of the photo-opportunities en route, including this lock-side cottage…
I did a loop at Kingswood making a short excursion onto the Grand Union before starting back up the Lapworth flight.
I arrived back at the car just as it was getting dark. 6 miles in 1:20.
I treated myself to a fish supper from Nelson’s Chip Shop before continuing on to work.

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