Swiftly to Solihull

Yesterday was a lazy day. In the afternoon, I went into Birmingham, grabbing a few photos on the way. I nipped into a well known newsagents to pick up a magazine and seeing the queue for the tills, decided to utilise the self service checkouts.

I scanned my copy of Amateur Photographer (AP) and nothing appeared to have happened so I scanned it again. Suddenly my list of purchases included 2 magazines! I tried to delete one of them but the machine told me that assistance was required.

After a short wait (I was in a hurry), I took my prospective purchase to another machine which also told me that I needed assistance. I gave up!

Now, what has any of this to do with the price of fish – or even walking? I’ll tell ‘e.

Looking for a destination for today’s walk, I hit on the idea of walking to Solihull (about 10 miles away), grabbing a copy of AP then getting the bus back home.

Luckily, from home, I can, roughly, follow The Solihull Way, avoiding many major roads. I passed through Meriden Park and followed Kingshurst Brook to Marston Green where it becomes Hatchford Brook.

Hatchford Brook passes underneath Birmingham Airport resurfacing to cross the A45 and onward to Elmdon Park. I had to walk around.

I’d started out fairly sedately but had picked up speed and by the time I’d reached the Coventry Road (A45) I was averaging around 13 minutes per mile.

I continued my acceleration as I emerged onto Lode Lane next to the mighty Land Rover works before descending to the Grand Union canal.

I’d managed to keep my new shoes clean up until this point but christened them with a splash or two of mud for that lived in look.

Leaving the canal, I followed a few paths ‘through the houses’ to pass Solihull Hospital and pop out opposite the shops of Solihull.

9.5 miles walked in just over 2 hours – average pace of 12:49 or 4.68mph. I’m happy with that!

Pace per mile

As you can see from the chart, I just about managed to do each mile a tad quicker than the preceeding one.

After a brief cool down, I nipped into that well known newsagents for my copy of Amateur Photographer, only to find that they didn’t have any. I bought Trail Runner instead!


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