Two Walks

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The Plan

Sue, my other half, would be working until about 4pm at either Moseley or West Heath.

I was going to walk to Alum Rock to grab a few ‘ethnic’ photos before continuing into Birmingham then on to Lifford, near Kings Norton. By the time I reached Lifford, Sue would know where she’d be at 4 and I could proceed to that location.


The Outcome 

I set off from home around midday and got as far as Stetchford when the phone rang. It was Sue.
“Change of plan”, she stated.
“Go on then”, I urged.
“I’ll be finishing at 8…”, she explained, “…in Moseley”.
 “Okay…er…I’ll see you then”.

I continued to Alum Rock (5.5 miles), took a few pictures and caught the bus back home.

Around 4, I caught the bus into Birmingham – took a few twilight pictures including the library…

A book at bedtime ?

 … before jumping onto the canal towpath heading towards Kings Norton.

I was planning on walking to Lifford and then following the usual route along the River Rea to Moseley, however I was running a little late so left the canal at Bournville and cut across to the river.

The section of the River Rea Route just before Canon Hill Park was illuminated with solar powered LED catseyes which I took a technically challenging photo of…

A technically challenging photo !

It was but a short mile or so from here to meet Sue from work. Another 7.4 miles and around 13 for the day.

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