A bridge too far

A few laps at work on each of the last few days was all I’d managed on the walking front, this week. During these circuits, I did experience a bit of pain in my right knee which got steadily worse but then eased off after a couple of miles. Something to keep an eye on especially with the Wilmot Wander at the end of the month.

Well, that’s my nights done with for a while so after a few hours in bed, I rose and prepared for an evening walk to my favourite watering hole.

I left home around half three giving me ample time to walk the 13 miles and reach The Griffin around opening time (7pm). As is usually the case, I had my camera with me and took a few snaps around Coleshill including this one of the bridge over the River Blythe…

Bridge over the River   Kwai  Blythe

The path continued across Maxstoke Park Golf Course after which I followed Fillongley Road for about three miles before turning towards Shawbury. I never did find out where that Fillongley Road went to!

I arrived at my destination before opening but as I was cooling down, the front doors were thrown open and I was happily drawn within.

Inside The Griffin

A large glass of orange juice and lemonade, with ice, quenched the thirst before the quaffing began. Towards the end of pint number 2, my other half arrived to ferry me home after pint number 3.

This 13.5 mile walked topped up the weekly mileage to 26 miles.

I, again, had a few knee niggles – perhaps it’s time for some new shoes?


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