There’s Snowthing better than walking

Sue was out Saturday night, expecting to be back late. I was at work on Sunday so had an early night hoping to rise early and get a walk in before work.

I was in bed before 22:00 and awoke at 04:30 !

I got ready for work, put on my walking gear and opened the front door. Wow! It was snowing!

I’ve got a white car !

I cleared the car, drove to Coleshill and parked in up Morrison’s car park.

I walked along the bypass (A446) crossing over the River Cole before heading back to the high street. I stopped for some photos at the bridge at the bottom of the hill before ascending to the church for more photos.

My footprints in the virgin snow

After a chilly photo session, I continued along High Street, past my old school before turning onto the bypass and making my way back to Morrison’s.

I’d managed nearly 3.5 miles AND in the snow 🙂

I hurried to work, although not as speedily as usual due to the, did I mention it, snow.

Later in the day, I squeezed in another 4 miles at work bringing the weekly total to 50.3 miles.

So far, this year, I’ve managed 126 miles which puts me on target to achieve my 2016 miles in 2016.

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