Clockwise or Anticlockwise ?

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After a few days off it was back to work on Friday, to do three day shifts followed by three nights.

At work, I managed 4 miles on Friday and another 5 on Saturday.

During my Saturday circuits, I did a little experiment.

The first 2 miles I did walking clockwise. With my GPS watch on my left arm this meant that it was away from the buildings. The second 2 miles I went anti-clockwise but put the GPS on my right arm. Why did I do this?

Recently, I’ve noted that the GPS records fairly consistently when going clockwise, indicating 0.25 miles per lap. However, when I switch direction, the distance recorded is always low. I thought that I was getting interference or reflections from the buildings and with the GPS further from the buildings (by about half a metre) when going clockwise a more accurate reading was being obtained.

Was my theory correct?

Well, the short answer is, sort of.

By switching arms, the watch was on the ‘outside’ in both directions.
Clockwise all was correct.
However, anti-clockwise, although better,
was still coming up a little short.

Why? I’ve no idea.

If you’re wondering what I did in the final mile – I just did an easy cool down.

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