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Right Turn

Sue had a, work related, meeting near Kings Norton, Birmingham, in a district called Walker’s Heath – very apt I thought. I drove Sue to her meeting and leaving her the car for the return trip, I made my way to the canal at Kings Norton where I took the Stratford-upon-Avon canal. A notice on a fence stated that the towpath and PROW (Public Right of Way) would be closed from a few days ago for a few months. I carried on regardless and got to where I needed to be without encountering any closures. Maybe the weather had put the workmen off?

At Brandwood Tunnel, I had to go up and over as there is no towpath through the 322 metre long tunnel. The temperature had just got above freezing and the pavements were still rather slippery, especially going uphill !

After regaining the towpath at the eastern end of the tunnel, the canal was followed for another mile and a half. A short section ‘through the houses’ took me to Trittiford Lake from where I followed the River Cole northwards. Looking at the map,afterwards, I noticed that I needn’t have gone urban and could have cut through Chinn Brook Recreation Ground.

Told you !

After a rather sloppy slog I reached terra-firmer for the footpath to Sarehole Mill and beyond. Sarehole mill, a few hundred yards from J.R.R.Tolkien’s old stomping ground is said to have been the inspiration for a Hobbiton mill in The Lord of the Rings.

Continuing along the Cole, I was soon on very familiar ground on reaching Sparkbrook, being my ‘normal’ route from Moseley.

Acker’s Trust Pools

I took the scenic route through the Acker’s Trust, pausing to photograph the pools.

From here, it was up a short sharp hill, along a short section of canal towpath (The Grand Union, this time) and across the busy A45.

The rest of the walk was the same old, same old so I won’t bore you with the details (go back a few entries if you’re really that bothered!)

I arrived home some 14 miles and 3 hours 10 minutes after leaving Walker’s Heath.

33 miles this week and it’s only Wednesday.

I’m working from Friday so will, probably, just get a few circuits at work to finish the week.

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