Kingswood Pool

Back to work this evening so stopped off at Hockley Heath on the way in. I had my camera and mono-pod with me to try and take a better photo across the pool at Kingswood than I’d achieved a few days earlier.
I walked along the, muddy, canal tow path, reaching Kingswood after around 40 minutes.
I stuck my camera on the mono-pod and rested the whole assembly against a fence post to make it all nice and stable for a long exposure shot.
I was a little pushed for time as I had to get to work by 7 but did achieve this…
Across the water at Kingswood

Not the best, but as I was rushing a little I am fairly satisfied with the result.

After playing cameras for a while, I packed everything up and set off back up the flight of locks back to the car. Towards the end (and the muddiest section) I got off the towpath and continued along the road.

Just over 5 miles was accomplished – and a few, half decent photos.


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