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After a much deserved rest day, I cadged a lift to the edge of Birmingham city centre. From here a short, easy walk brought me to Bull Street for the tram to Wolverhampton.

Tram at Bull Street

The tram used to terminate next to Snow Hill railway station but since December has had it’s route extended to Bull Street. Later in the year, the trams will continue on along Corporation Street, crossing New Street and onto Stephenson Street.

After a few minutes, my tram arrived. I got on, paid my £4 for a single to Priestfield and off we sped.

Half an hour later, I got off at Priestfield which is a couple of stops short of Wolverhampton city centre and made my way to the Birmingham canal.

Instead of heading straight back to Birmingham, I took the ‘old’ mainline route which winds it’s way around Tipton and Oldbury before diving under the M5 motorway where it rejoins the ‘new’ mainline.

From here I switched to the ‘new’ branch until I reached Smethwich (pronounced Smerick) pumphouse where I changed back to the higher ‘old’ mainline, dropping down 3 locks to rejoin the ‘new’.

‘Scenic’ section under the M5

After a couple more miles, at Winson Green, I took another diversion, taking the Soho loop, passing Winson Green prison and the City Hospital.

Back on the mainline, I turned away from Birmingham and left the canal for yet another detour, this time to Edgbaston Reservoir and a lunch break.

After munching through my cheese and marmalade sarnies (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it), I completed a circuit of the rezza passing a line of pigeons, before returning to the canal system.

Flying Rats

Another mile or so and I was back where I started Monday’s walk. With a feeling of deja-vu, I retraced my steps to Lifford and Cannon Hill Park.

On reaching the park, instead of heading straight for Moseley, I continued through reaching the cricket ground where a right turn had me heading, finally, for Moseley.

I was a bit too early for Sue so stopped the Garmin on reaching Moseley Park. I had covered 24 miles in 5 hours 30 minutes.

I spent an hour strolling around Moseley Park, taking photos of the flora and fauna including the two black swans.

I was wearing my Raidlight rucksack with one water bottle and my new camera in the other bottle holder. This worked well but on a rainy day the camera would get soaked so I’ll have to think of a workaround for inclement weather.

32 miles so far this week.

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