Lost at Sea

Instead of the usual Sunday Evening excursion to The Griffin, I decided on a walk, instead – strange, but true.

The plan was for a circular walk to Coleshill, Whitacre Heath, Hams Hall, Water Orton and returning Home.

All was going swimmingly until just after Blyth End where I left the tarmac for a short stretch across a field to join a road leading towards Hams Hall. The path across the field usually looks like this…

A nice, dry track.

I was about half way across and it was getting progressively wetter underfoot and then progressively wetter under knee. Eventually, I was rather disorientated and up to my knicky-knacky-noos in water. I gave up trying to find a way across the field and tried to get back to where I started.

As I was nearing the shore, I phoned Sue to come and pick me up as I was well soaked and was worried about getting too cold.

The actual course taken looks something like this…

I got to terra-firma and headed back whence I’d come. On getting back to the road, the occupant of one of the nearby houses asked my how deep it was – I showed him the tide mark just below my waist.
“That path was out of the water at 4 o’clock”, he informed me.
Strange, it hadn’t rained since 4 o’clock.
“It’s Birmingham’s water”, he stated. I then realised that we were next to a water treatment works !

After a short chat, I excused myself saying that I needed to move to warm up. I ran slowly back towards Coleshill, meeting Sue at Blyth End.

Between the open front and rear doors of the car, I stripped off my lower half (steady girls!) and put on dry clothes before being whisked home for a shower.

An eventful evening and a walk / wade / run workout – I don’t think that endomondo have a category for that so I’ll stick with walk.

UPDATE – I went back the next morning to get a photo of the flooded field and there was nothing there – You could see the path all the way across the field !!!


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