Sue was not happy

Sue was not happy – Sue was still fighting off a cold – Sue was called into work – Sue was not happy!

It was only 4 hours that she had to do so I drove her to work, left her the car, and walked home – the scenic route.

NOT the direct route

From Moseley, I headed towards the canal at The Ackers. I was all wired up with Garmin watch complete with HRM (Heart Rate Monitor). Unfortunately, I didn’t check to see how the battery was in the Garmin and after less than a mile I got the Low Battery alert! As a precaution, I started the endomondo app on my phone which was quite fortuitous as the watch turned itself off before the second mile had been completed. Let’s hope that the phone / endomondo combo holds out.

The weather was having a wet theme today – not too heavy but a constant drizzle all day. 
I left the canal at Catherine de Barnes and headed towards the airport, turning off at Elmdon village.
The road past the church should have brought me out on the A45, Coventry road which it did, sort of, but I had to climb a fence to get there. Passing through roadworks, I finally got to the Motorcycle Museum passing a sign reading ‘Footpath Closed’ – at the other end of the roadworks!
After getting past the roadworks, the big roundabout where the M42 intersects the A45 and I was able to turn away from all the traffic and noise.
I followed Packington Lane to Coleshill from where I walked to Gilson, Water Orton and home.
The phone / endomondo combination worked and by stitching the 2 workouts (watch and phone/endomondo) together got the full picture.

A decent walk done at nearly 4.5 mph – thanks to the arms (see this post). I was a little achey between the shoulders but I’ll get over it – must learn to relax the neck / shoulders.

Another 20 miles – smokin’


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