1st Walk of the Year

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As the majority of the UK was celebrating the arrival of a new year, yours truly was on a 12 hour night shift but we did manage a toast at midnight – a cup of coffee!

Jack Frost woz ‘ere

I left work at 7am, drove to Hockley Heath and parked the car. It was a quiet, chilly morning as I set off towards Lapworth. The roads were very quiet so for a change, I decided to walk along the road to Kingswood where I’d join the canal and return the usual way.

The road, roughly, follows the canal and it was interesting to see the other side of the houses I regularly pass on the towpath. As I said before, the roads were very quiet and walking 3 miles alongside the Old Warwick Road, I was passed by only 4 cars. Must be New Years Day or something!

At Kingswood, I passed a garage where the cars were adorned with some amazing frost patterns – I said that it was chilly.

On the other side of Kingswood, I dropped down on to the canal to start my return journey to Hockley Heath.

The sun was just rising as I passed Kingswood junction and up the flight of locks.

Kingswood Junction

Six miles completed and a good start to 2016 – Only 2,010 miles to go.

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