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New Shoes

After a few knee niggles of late, I’ve decided that it’s new shoe time. I must have done well over…

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Saturday Night Fever

Well it’s Saturday night and what shall we do? Unfortunately for Sue, she had to go to work – not…

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A bridge too far

A few laps at work on each of the last few days was all I’d managed on the walking front,…

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There’s Snowthing better than walking

Sue was out Saturday night, expecting to be back late. I was at work on Sunday so had an early…

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Clockwise or Anticlockwise ?

After a few days off it was back to work on Friday, to do three day shifts followed by three…

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Walker’s Heath

Right Turn Sue had a, work related, meeting near Kings Norton, Birmingham, in a district called Walker’s Heath – very…

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A scenic walk to The Griffin

A Gloopy Kissing Gate After treating myself to a few days rest, I decided to walk to The Griffin and…

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Kingswood Pool

Back to work this evening so stopped off at Hockley Heath on the way in. I had my camera and…

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On the Rattler

After a much deserved rest day, I cadged a lift to the edge of Birmingham city centre. From here a…

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Books and Chocolate

After a spot of home maintenance, I caught the bus into Birmingham for a walk out to Moseley to meet…