Round and Round and Down and Up

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Slight change to the usual shift pattern (something to do with Christmas) means that instead of my 4 day shifts, I’ve got 4 nights instead, finishing on the morning of Jan 1 2016.

Anyway, I managed 16 laps at work last night or technically this morning before getting home to my bed.
After a few hours in the land of Nod, I left for work a little early to squeeze in a few miles walkies en route.
I parked up in Hockley Heath, outside of Nelson’s Chip Shop, from where I was planning on getting dinner post-walk. From Nelson’s, it was a short walk to the Stratford Canal, turning left and heading down towards Kingswood. 

After descending some 20 locks, I left the Stratford canal and traversed the Grand Union for 0.2 miles before a short walk through Kingswood to rejoin the Stratford Canal at Kingswood Junction.
By now it was proper dark but I stopped for a few minutes to grab a few night-time pictures with the camera (still finding my way around it.)

Once I’d finished playing, I retraced my steps up the 20 locks to emerge in Hockley Heath around 6 o’clock.

Much to my dismay, the chippy was shut (something to do with Christmas) so I had to settle for a Chinese takeaway instead, which I ate I the car before continuing my commute to Redditch.
10 miles today and also for the week. I’m hoping for a few laps at work in the wee hours is Storm Frank isn’t too frisky!

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