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With 2016 just around the corner, thoughts turn to the new year and what it may bring.

Hopefully, it will bring great joy, health and wealth but don’t hold me to that!

Walking-wise, I’ve got the biggie in May – namely the Dorset 100. I’m going to have to start training in earnest (wherever that is!) and I really must try and lose some weight to make me a more efficient walking machine.

Now the secret to weight lose is simple – you need to use more energy (calories) than you eat. More out and less in – simples!

On the output side of the equation – I will be walking more miles and probably running a few.

Running uses the same amount of calories per mile irrespective of the speed, whereas walking faster uses more calories than running per mile. However running uses those calories in less time. I don’t plan on running too much as I’m concerned about picking up any injuries.

On the input side, it gets more difficult. Basically, I need to reduce the amount of calories consumed and to eat the right sort of food – it’s not just calorie counting.

I know the theory but come unstuck with sweeties and beer. Chocolate and other sugary stuff I can beat but I’m not going to give up the beer. Walking to the pub could help!

Let’s do the maths…

1 pint of 5% ABV beer contains 250 calories
1 mile of walking at 14 minutes per mile pace burns 150 calories.
Therefore 1 pint = 1.6 miles (at 14 minute pace)

Now, my usual route from home to The Griffin (my favourite watering hole if you didn’t know) is 6.5 miles. Plugging that into the formula means that by the time I get there, I’m 4 pints in credit – Good News. As long as I don’t have a bag of nuts to go with the beer.

Of course, stopping at the chippy or chinese on the way home is a definite no-no.

Writing it down like this, makes it sound a much harder task. It can be done – it will be done!

2016 in 2016 ?

Last year (2014) I walked over 2000 miles. This year, I’m only going to manage about 1640.

In 2016, I’m going to be walking a fair few miles, at least in the first 5 months leading up to Dorset but I am thinking that I could manage 2016 miles in 2016. What do you reckon?

Again, let’s do the maths…

2016 miles in 12 months
or 168 miles per month
or less than 40 miles per week

Oh well, I hope that you get what you wish for in 2016 – Happy New Year.


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