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Sue had a meeting in Sutton Coldfield and I’d agreed to drop her off and pick her up a few hours later. This left me in Sutton with time to spare. Sutton Coldfield, home of Sutton Park – what could I do to kill a couple of hours?

After depositing the wife, I drove to and parked the car in Sutton Park.

I never wanted to be a walker – I wanted to be a… lumberjack !

My walk took me up ‘Cardiac Hill‘ where I came face to face with some forestry activity which necessitated a small detour around the logging operation.

From the lumberjacks, I made my way though the increasingly heavy rain to the Jubilee memorial which commemorates the 9th World Scout Jamboree held in 1957 when over 30,000 scouts attended. It must have been wall-to-wall woggles!

I left Sutton Park at Streetly Gate and made my way to Barr Beacon.

At 227m Barr Beacon offers views of Birmingham city centre, The Wrekin, The Lickey Hills and up to 11 counties. Unfortunately, in today’s downpour, the view was less than perfect.

Barr Beacon War Memorial

I made my way back to Sutton Park, arriving in the dry. 

A very pleasant 9.6 miles even if I did get soaked.
Weekly total creeping up – 16.2 miles.

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