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The holiday is over and it’s back to work!

My wife, Sue, and I have just had a few days on the edge of Snowdonia doing not a lot – just taking it easy and spending some much needed time together.

Of course, I still managed to get out for a couple of short walks – early in the morning while Sue slumbered.

Wednesday, after pouring over the maps, I devised a hilly route from the cottage, contouring around the delightfully named Bryn Gob. I set off around half six with head torch ablaze. After a sharp descent, I started the climb up the skirts of Bryn Gob following a prominent track until I was met by…

End of the Road

There, between the two stone gate posts was a barbed wire fence. Damn! Time to turn around.

I had to improvise a new route and managed to put something together, returning to the cottage just after sunrise.

Profile (in metres) – Click to Enlarge

Not a great distance but some good hills – and remember, Hills are our friends!

This morning (Thursday) it was another early start but as well as being dark it was also wet and windy – the temptation to stay in bed was great but these things have to be done!

Nothing too adventurous, just a walk down to the village of Glan Yr Afon and back. I arrived back, soaked reminding me to sort out some overtrousers. More hills (164m of accent according to Garmin) so another ‘quality’ effort.

As I said at the top of this post, it’s back to work tonight so a few circuits will be the order of the day (FRIday, that is.)

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