Gwlyb a Gwyntog

Gwlyb a gwyntog? It’s Welsh for wet and windy. But why in Welsh?

Because, we are having a few day’s break in North Wales.

We arrived last night after a surprisingly quick journey. Being friday night, I was expecting the M54 and A5 to be chocker but I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the roads were.

Being on holiday, I had a bit of a lie-in (being on holiday and have some vino may have contributed) but was out of the front door before 8:30, leaving Sue to carry on with the lie-in.

We are renting a lovely little cottage up in the hills so I was out there experiencing some nature in no time.

NOT Our Cottage

I descended a muddy track, through puddles and ankle deep mud. After a mile, I left the muddy track for a muddy field. The field was much the same as the track except that the mud and puddles (and even the muddy puddles) were a bit deeper. Navigation was ‘interesting’ with the OS map (on my phone) showing a nice dashed red line but on the ground it was more guesswork than anything.

After a few fields and some rather deep sections (as could be gauged from the tide marks on my trouser legs) I reached a road.

Roads were then followed, up some steep hills (one arrow on the OS map) before arriving back at base wet and sandblasted by the wind.

Not a long walk but with the extra resistance of the mud and the hills, I reckon that I did quality over quantity, today.

Weekly total is now 41 miles. I may grab a few miles tomorrow but I’ll be taking it easy.


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