Sunrise over Middleton

Up nice and early – earlier than I had planned but I had a busy day ahead of me.
Breakfasted, kitted up and out of the front door by half five – yes, half five in the a.m.
Through the darkness, I walked through Parkfields then past ‘The Jag’ just after 6 so had to battle against a tide of night workers shuffling their way home.
I got onto the canal towpath at The Tyburn pub and headed towards Tamworth. I squelched and slipped my way, through Curdworth leaving the canal at Bodymoor Heath for a short road section.
Avoiding death from a BWM ‘driver’ who thought that it would be fun to see how close he could get to me. A ton of metal passing within inches at 50 mph was no fun for me! Knob!
Middleton Nature Reserve

Kingsbury Water Park

Luckily, I soon got off the road and proceeded up a muddy track to Middleton Nature Reserve. I passed through the reserve spotting a few birds, a squirrel feeding at the bird-feeding station (perhaps he couldn’t read the sign?) and a fox running across a field.

Exiting the reserve, I crossed the Birminghmam Fazeley canal and turned right to walk through the old gravel pits near Dostill which are now another wildlife reserve.
From here there was a short canal section before entering Kingsbury Water Park. I tried a slightly different route and ended up finding more mud and a ford to negotiate.
From the park, it was through Marston, Lea Marston, Coleshill and Water Orton to arrive home around 10:30.
Not a particularly quick walk but I did stop a few times to grab some photos and the slippy mud, earlier, slowed me somewhat.
Weekly total now stands at 37 miles.


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