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If I had forgotten about last night’s run, my legs reminded me of it today.
Now my legs can propel me along for hours without complaint but an hour’s worth of running and I know that I’ve done it.
Walking and running use the same muscles but in different ways.

Walking is a low impact activity where one foot is always on the ground and one’s body weight is supported for a longer time.

In running, a high impact activity, the body ‘bounces’ from foot to foot, storing energy in the muscles from the landing and releasing it when lifting the foot.

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It is interesting to note that, energy-wise, running uses the same amount of energy per mile independent of speed. Energy expended while walking varies with speed. Generally, slower than 14 min/mile pace is more efficient than running but above this, walking uses more calories per mile.

I managed 4 miles at work this evening and tracked the exercise with my new Forerunner 230 watch.

On completion, the workout was automatically sent to Garmin via my mobile phone. Looking at the Garmin Connect website later, reveals a wealth of data.

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