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UPS Update

After, twice, promising to deliver my new Garmin watch to where I work instead of to my home address, UPS finally delivered said item – to my home address.

At least, I have my new toy (thanks Sue for my birthday pressie) – see below.


I managed the ‘usual’ 16 laps at work to record another 4 miles walking.

After work, I rushed to North Solihull Sports Centre, to have a rare run with the Centurion Running Club. There were a few surprised faces and many questions.

I picked what looked like a group that wouldn’t go too fast (I haven’t run for over 6 months) and off we went. We ran a variation of the Business Park route clocking up nearly 6 miles at just over 10 minute / mile pace.

Posting my workouts on to Endomondo has resulted in a bit of green sneaking in – the first since April.

I survived, but am already feeling it in my legs!

I’m undecided as to how much running I’ll do but I’ll be using it as cross-training. Perhaps Tuesday club nights (when shifts allow) and maybe a parkrun now and again?

Garmin Forerunner 230

As mentioned above, I am finally in possession of my new Garmin 230.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play, yet, but so far it’s looking good.

Like most devices, there no walking profile so I’ll have to use the ubiquitous run settings and change it later in endomondo / garmin connect.

I’ve managed to set it to miles / kg / °C and got the notifications working with my phone (the 230 is a smartwatch as well as a GPS tracker.)

I’ll try it out tomorrow with it counting my steps and recording my laps on the evening.

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