U.P.S. me off

Only slightly related to walking but I like a good moan…

As regular readers may know, I ordered a new GPS watch (Garmin Forerunner 230) last week.

I had an email, Thursday, from Garmin, saying that my watch was on it’s way and a link to the courier’s website so that I could track it’s progress – which I immediately did.

UPS said that my package would arrive the next day (Friday). I was out walking in Wolverhampton, but made sure that there would be someone home to receive the delivery.

Friday afternoon, after my walk, I checked UPS’s site on my mobile and discovered that there had been no-one to accept delivery – strange!

Back home, I discovered that the driver hadn’t attempted delivery – he’d just stuck a card through the letterbox and skedaddled. Checking the card I discovered that I could have the package diverted to another address so I arranged to have it delivered to my place of work.

So far, so good.

Monday, checking with UPS, I discovered that they’d tried unsuccessfully, to deliver it to my home!

The UPS customer help desk was an automated affair which got me nowhere. Eventually, I re-dialled the help desk and ignored all suggestions to press number 1 for this, 2 for something else and was finally put onto a real person, to whom I explained my predicament.

“Oh dear!” he said, “I’ll get the local depot to call you within the hour.”
“Yeh – right!” I thought.

True to their word, a UPS operative called back about 20 minutes later.

“You’ve requested for it to be delivered to an alternative address!” the obvious was stated.
“I’m not sure what’s happened, but we tried to deliver it to your home address.”
“We can deliver it to your alternative address, tomorrow?”

We shall wait and see.

Oh yes, by the way, I walked 4 miles.

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