Wet Winter Walkies

Out of the front door at 7:45 into the rain.

I started with my Goretex jacket but after a mile or so, I was getting a little warm; the rain was abating so it was off with said jacket.

I proceeded along the Chester Road, past ‘The Jag’ and onto the canal, heading east.

I stayed on the footpath for almost 5 miles before turning off, along a muddy, puddled lane to Marston. It was around this time that the rains returned.

It was pavement from here all the way to Hams Hall where a large puddle had to be negotiated before more roads and pavement to Coleshill.

The familiar route to Water Orton, up the hill and over the motorways brought me home.

Nothing special but another 15 miles in the legs bringing the weekly total to 55 miles.

Four early shifts starting tomorrow so probably only the usual 4 mile circuits at work.


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