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No walk today – having a rest day after yesterday’s exertion.

Dorset 100

I received an e-mail…

My entry to nest year’s DORSET 100 has been accepted. I was pretty confident of getting in but had there been more than 550 entries, entrants would be selected by ballot. Nothing like the difficulty of getting into the London Marathon but still a chance that I could left out in the cold.

I went to the Si Entries website, paid my money, and received a reply…

So that’s it – no turning back now. Only 181 days to go.

I’ve booked some accommodation in Weymouth. If all goes to plan, this will happen…

  • Friday – Kev on train to Weymouth, Pick up Key’s, Take it very easy
  • Sat – Bus to start, Walk  / Sue and family drive down to Weymouth
  • Sun – Kev keeps walking / Sue (support) to meet Kev around the route
  • Sun p.m. – Kev finishes 100

Wolverhampton Ring (continued)

I emailed my description of the walk (adapted from my blog entry) to the organisers who replied saying that, apart from the organisers, I was probably the first to have walked it (or at least, the first to walk it and let them know.)

I also received a communication saying that I could have saved myself some time and effort by downloading a Wolverhampton Ring .gpx file from the LDWA website (members only.)
I compared this to my version and the sketch map…

A few differences but so what?

It’s my birthday today and I have been / will be drinking beer. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I’ll be doing a gentle 15 miler at some point.

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