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Half way through my night shift and it was time for a walk. I’d transferred my stuff from my old rucksack to the new and strapped this on for my walk.

I only did 4 miles (the usual) but the backpack was fine. Although lacking any rigid structure, it was very stable even when running.

The waist pockets are not very practical for carrying my phone but would be fine for something smaller, such as an iPod (other mp3 players are available.)

I’ll give it a proper trial tomorrow when I stroll around Wolverhampton.

Also, on the kit front, I’ve attached a clip to the rear of my TX-4 phone so that I can hook it onto my backpack – somewhere.

I’ll be using Memory Map and/or Viewranger to guide me around the 28 mile course and my, soon to be retired) Forerunner 305 to record my progress.

I need to be out of the house by 06:30 to catch the bus into Birmingham then the metro (tram) out to Priestfield station on the outskirts of Wolverhampton.

I’ve got, say 30 miles at 4mph, which will take around 30/4 = 7.5 hours. I want to get back into Brum then out to Moseley to meet the wife from work at 5 so, fingers crossed, that should work!

Weekly total has crept up to 12 miles.

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