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Since 2010, June 7th to be exact, I have recorded all my workouts (runs, walks, swims, gym, whatever) using the online tracking service, endomondo. Apart from a short period of madness (earlier this year, when Endomondo tried to force a totally new interface on it’s users) I have been very happy with the service. I now have nearly 1,400 workouts stored there.

The process was easy. I’d go for my walk (or run) then back home, I’d sit my Garmin watch on it’s base, fire up Endomondo on the computer and my workout would  be uploaded from watch to site – simples!

Then it started getting messy. Garmin stopped supporting endomondo and the plug-and-sync was no more.

As a workaround, the data on the watch could be synced to Garmin’s own platform. Once there, the data is automatically exported to endomondo. The workout, now in endomondo, needs tweaking – adjusting name of workout and usually, if not a run, the type of activity changed to walk. A lot of farting about!

To further complicate the issue; if I do a walk using endomondo on my phone, the activity appears automatically on the endomondo website. However, it doesn’t sync the other way, to Garmin.

My data is now stored in one or two places.

I ordered a new Garmin GPS watch (Forerunner 230), last week, and in preparation, looked at the Garmin website, in particular, Garmin Connect. The interface looks quite snazzy – a bit more modern than endomondo with lots of options. However, it is very run orientated. The default setting is run and anything that is not a run has to be changed.

I considered swapping to Garmin Connect but needed a way to transfer my 1,400 workouts (many from before I had to sync with Garmin Express) to Garmin. There is a free tool to do this called Tapiriik (www.tapiriik.com), unfortunately, Garmin restrict the number of records that can be transferred per hour so this was going to be a drawn out process. 
I tried exporting individual items from endomondo as .gpx files then importing them into Garmin Connect but each record then needs tweaking so that it shows up correctly.
I did a few month’s worth then went to the Garmin Connect dashboard to see my data. For some reason, Garmin shows each individual activity correctly but when you try to view a report of, say, total distance covered, all activities are shown as runs – I said it was very run orientated.

As you can see on the screen capture, I walked on 22nd, 24th and 25th but on the report it’s all running!

For, now, I’ll stick with endomondo and put up with syncing to Garmin Connect and tweaking my walks when they pop up on endomondo.

Now, what’s this Strava I’ve heard about…

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