A Quiet Day without Ivan

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Today, I am experiencing an IVAN FACTOR of 1. Tomorrow it may reach 2 with the addition of some tiredness following the first of 3 night shifts.

I received my December issue of Strider (the journal of the LDWA) in which I spotted news of a new walk around Wolverhampton.

It’s called The Wolverhampton Ring and is around 29 miles long, utilising roads, tracks, footpaths, canal towpaths and a disused railway.

From the hand drawn strip maps, I managed to transfer the route onto mapmywalk.com and now have a nice .gpx file to navigate by. Oddly, my route is only 27 miles!

I may give a go this coming Friday – after my nights. I can catch the bus into Birmingham then the tram to Priestfield where I can join the route.

Hopefully my new rucksack and (surprise birthday present) Garmin FR230 will have arrived by then so I can do a bit of a kit test at the same time.

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