Night Manoeuvers

The Route

Something a bit different today or should I say tonight (now there’s a clue.)

Setting off at half four, just as it was getting dark, I headed for Water Orton.

The packhorse bridge is still closed to vehicular traffic so I could walk across without fear of getting run over. As I headed away from the yellow streetlights, it was on with the head-torch for the cross-country walk to Curdworth.

After crossing the busy Kingsbury Road it all went quiet as I turned onto the Birmingham & Fazeley canal’s towpath.

Through the tunnel and onwards toward Fazeley, on the outskirts of Tamworth.

Just before the junction with the Coventry canal, near to Drayton Manor, at what is know as Castle Bridge, I turned around and headed back towards Kingsbury Water Park.

Castle Bridge (in daylight)

My head-torch created a small pool of light ahead of me and, for most of the walk, this was all I could see. However, the visitor centre was a blaze of light with many lights on – no wonder they charge so much for the car park!

Kingsbury water park visitor centre

As can been seen in the photo, the camera on the TX4 really struggles in the dark.

Just as I was leaving the water park, the heavens opened. I quickly donned my soft shell top and continued. The rain stopped about 10 minutes later !
I followed the ‘muddy path’ to Lea Marston then past the church to Hams Hall and thence to Coleshill, Water Orton and home.
I arrived home just after 9 o’clock having clocked up almost 20 miles, nearly all of it in the dark.
Week total – 42 miles


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