Testing The TX4

We had some more freebie tickets for the cinema so, as I did yesterday, I planned to meet Sue from Work then make our may to the movies.

Today, I would be trying out my new toy navigation aid, namely my Memory-Map TX4 (see previous post). Basically this is a very rugged, waterproof Android phone running Memory-Map software. It’s also got a camera, so I’ll be taking a few ‘snaps’.

Tyburn Road
Under Tyburn Road

Wanting a different route, I headed for The Tyburn House on the Chester Road from where I joined the Birmingham Fazeley canal heading for Salford Junction (for road users read Spaghetti Junction.)

At the junction, I chose the Aston arm rising through 11 locks to Aston University. My route turned left through a few tunnels to emerge at the world famous (at least in Birmingham) Banana Warehouse with it’s distinctive canopy.
Another left to Bordesley Junction where I had another of my “ignorant cyclist” moments. 
The format is something like this…

A cyclist squeezes past me. 
“Bell?” I enquire.
“If you rang your bell, I’d know you were there and could move aside,” I suggest
“F**k you!”. and off he cycles, just that little bit quicker – just in case.
I leave the canal at Small Heath and head up the brightly lit Ladypool Road to Moseley and journey’s end.
I press Stop Tracking on my TX4 and discover that I’d covered 19 kilometres – I must change the units to imperial. The track was recorded and was later uploaded to Endomondo. 
The Memory-Map bit worked alright. The iPlayer radio app worked just fine and the photos turned out alright. The photo are not as good as those taken with my Samsung S6 but the best camera is the one you have with you.

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