Looking to the Future

I’m trying to put together some sort of training plan for next year’s epic 100 miler.

I need to do a few challenge walks before hand so have scoured the LDWA events pages and come up with…

Wilmot Wander
South Pennine 24
4th Bassetlaw Bash

I’ll also be doing A Coventry Way in April but that’s already booked.

Now, some LDWA events have on-line booking but many use the old fashioned paper entry form, cheques and stamps!

Eventually, I located my cheque book, filled out the forms, tucked all the bits into envelopes and posted them on their way.

I’ll also be doing some back to back long walks, for example, 25 miles one day followed by 32 the next. Apparently, it’s all about getting your body (and mind) to carry on when tired – we’ll see.

I managed another 4 miles walking round (and round) at work bringing my weekly mileage up to 56 miles.


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