Round and Round

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Where I work, I am lucky to be able to have an hour or so when I can get outside and walk. During my break, I walk laps of a quarter of a mile around the site and am always contactable should I be needed.

It can get a bit monotonous but I counter this in a number of ways…

Every mile (4 laps), I change direction,
I listen to the iPlayer Radio App on my phone.

I measure my walks using either my Garmin Forerunner GPS or the Endomondo app on my phone. The resulting track looks a bit of a mess but it makes it easy to log onto Endomondo later.

At 3am, this morning (just started a stint of nights) I managed 24 laps bringing this week’s running total (or should that be walking total) to 46 miles.

I am now (07:00hrs) about to leave work feeling rather tired but with the promise of a comfy bed awaiting me.

Weekly Total – 46 miles.

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