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My good lady wife had kindly agreed to pick me up from my favourite watering hole after work.

We agreed on 7 o’clock. I wanted a 16 mile walk which would take just under 4 hours to complete.

I decided to catch the train to Wilnecote, Tamworth and walk from there.

The 14:49 from New Street deposited me at Wilnecote at 15:05 and by 15:09, I was walking.

Initially, I headed North joining the Coventry Canal at Kettlebrook. The canal was followed for a mile or so to it’s junction with the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. A left turn and I was heading towards Kingsbury where I would leave the canal behind.

Five miles into my journey, I waved adieu to the Birmingham and Fazeley and bonjour to Kingsbury Water Park. I’m not sure why I felt so French at that moment but c’est la vie!

The headtorch (with fresh batteries) was donned as I strolled through the Water Park. I crossed under the A4097 (Kingsbury Road) then followed a soggy path to cross Coton Road to the aptly named muddy path to Lea Marston.

Onward to Whitacre Heath then cross country to Shustoke. The field path from Shustoke to Moat House Lane is usually well defined but it had been recently ploughed and was difficult to find in the dark. Luckily, about half way across, I spotted the cottage which marked the end of the path and made a bee-line for it.

At the end of Moat House Lane, I was about half a mile from The Griffin but a few miles short of my 16 mile target so made an out and back diversion along Daw Mill Lane before arriving, bang on time, at the boozer.

Weekly total – 40 miles (and it’s only Wednesday)

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