Pub Time

We had arranged for a day out at Chasewater Railway today so it would have to be an early walk.

I retraced my steps from last night doing almost the same walk but in reverse. Last night I did 7.77 miles while today I did 7.80 – near enough.

After a clean up it was off to Chasewater to play on the trains. The website said that it would be a diesel day but we got lucky and were steam-hauled.

We rode the train, looked around a couple of model railway layouts (00 and G gauges) and had a spot of lunch before getting into the car for the drive home.

It was then that the wife whispered those sweet words into my ear, “Do you want to go to the pub tonight?”
“I was going for a walk,” I explained.
“Oh well, never mind,” she retorted.
“I could always walk to the pub!” I countered. Sorted!

To the pub

I had about an hour and a half so decided to go via Water Orton, Coleshill and Hams Hall, arriving at The Griffin around 6:30. After a pint or three, my good lady wife drove me home – she’s good like that XXX.

Plenty of walks this week and a weekly total of 40 miles. It feels good.


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