Two Walks Today

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I work shifts and the way the shifts are configured means that I am now off for 6 days.

Coleshill & Water Orton

Up early for a 6 miler as I’ve got a bit of a busy day ahead of me.

This particular route I have done many, many times and was my first proper run, just to prove to myself (and other half) that I could actually run, before spending any money on proper running gear!

Anyway, no running, today just a fairly evenly paced walk to Coleshill and Water Orton.

I was back in the house, cooled down, showered and back out by 9 with a list of things to do which kept me occupied and out of trouble for the day.

I had been volunteered to set off some fireworks at the nursing house where my other half works so had to make my way across Birmingham to Moseley for 5 o’clock.

Oooow !!!

I got the bus into Birmingham but after a wait of 15 minutes for the number 50 to Moseley, gave up and decided to walk instead.

Unfortunately, it was raining, lightly at first but steadily getting heavier. I often say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing and today, being geared up for bus travel, I was to prove myself correct. I arrived in Moseley, some 2.6 miles and 33 minutes later doing my finest drowned rat impression – just as it stopped raining!

I sort of dried out a bit and managed to put on a bit of a display which the residents and staff seemed to enjoy.

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