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Mr. Dizzy

On nights at the moment and found myself with a break coming up. What shall I do for an hour?

Trainers on and off for a walk. Now I need to be available, just in case, so I couldn’t stray too far. Luckily (?) a walk around the outside of the main building is almost bang on a quarter of a mile ( just like a running track but with concrete and steel  instead).

The GPS went a bit wonky around the building but I managed 4 miles by doing 16 laps in just under the hour. This was at three o’clock in the morning so it wasn’t too hot.

Well that seemed to work alright. I was on-site, if needed ( never more than three and a half minutes away ) and I managed to squeeze in a 4 mile walk – result 🙂

I’ve got another two nights so may repeat the operation in the wee hours of Wednesday. Thursday, following a few hours kip after work, I’ll walk to Moseley to meet my better half from work; depending on the route this could be anything from eight miles ( and perhaps nip to the pub afterwards !)

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