Major Update


Over the past few years, I have been blogging, mainly, about three things…

  • 100km Thames Path Challenge
  • The aftermath of the above
  • My attempts to get back into running

Today, I have lumped all of my musings together and have bunged them into this new blog which can be found at

After a promising (re)start to my running, I have had an increasingly worrying niggle around my right knee, so much so, that, last week, I refrained from running and concentrated on walking. I managed to clock up just over thirty miles spread across four outings. More importantly, my knee has just about stopped hurting.

This got me thinking ( stop sniggering at the back! ).

Walking versus Running

I really enjoy my walkies and very rarely look for an excuse not to. I enjoy some of my running, especially parkrun but am concerned about injuries.

What I am going to try is…

  • make walking my main source of exercise
  • use running as cross training – parkrun and a few shorter races
  • add some swimming / elliptical etc. ( a bit of variety )

With this in mind, I’ve pulled out of the Snowdonian Marathon in October and will be doing the Rowbotham’s Round Rotherham 50 mile challenge walk the week before. This event is a qualifier for the annual LDWA 100 miler, which will be held in Dorset, next May.

I have a place for The Potteries Marathon on 5th July but I’m not sure what I’m doing about this – yet !


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