It’s wet out there

Up early ( or even earlier as the clocks leapt forward this morning ) for a long slow distance ( LSD ) run. 

Nice and easy run through Parkfields, past JLR to join the Birmingham Fazeley canal at The Tyburn House pub.

When I left the house it was dry but a faint drizzle became most persistent so I ended up wet well. Luckily I was wearing the proper clothing so although I was wet, I was still warm and comfortable.

I tried out a new bit of kit today – nothing hi-tech just a humble bum-bag ( or as the colonials would say, fanny pack! ). I’m hoping to buy an apple watch in a month’s time and to get the full benefits when out running ( and walking ) I’ll need to take my iPhone along. Now none of my running gear has a pocket big enough for a smartphone and I can’t get on with those armband things so I’ve gone for the bumbag. I’m purchased a waterproof bag and to be on the safe side, I’ve enclosed the iPhone in a waterproof case.

Used the bumbag on today’s run and it worked fine. No movement and contents dry.


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