What Have I Done ?

I was perusing facebook the other night (facebook.com/kev.baldry) when I spotted a post which stated that there might be some charity places available in this year’s sell-out Snowdonia Marathon.

Now, back in the day, during my first foray into running, I ran this race and still had some good memories of event. Perhaps I was overcome with a temporary bout of madness, but on thursday evening, I emailed the charity and put myself forward to be one of their runners and, hopefully, raise a bit of cash for them.

Friday, an email arrived with an entry form which was duly filled in and returned. A few hours later came news that I had been accepted and would, on October 24th 2015, but setting off from Llanberis to run a very scenic but also very hilly twenty six and a bit miles. What have I done?

The Route

Recently, I have been doing a bit more running and using my walking as cross training but I am going to need to up the training a bit. I’ve entered a few races before October, including the Potteries Marathon in July. This is another race from my past; an annual favourite which, while undulating, is nothing like the ups and downs of Snowdonia.

I suppose that I’ll have to do a bit of hill work in the build up as well.

One casualty of my decision to run the Snowdonian Marathon is the Rowbotham’s Round Rotherham walk which takes place the week before. Descretion, being the better part of valour and all that, tells me that a fifty mile walk seven days before a tortuous marathon is not a good idea, so it’s no trip the Yorkshire this year.


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