Coventry Half

In full flight

A few months ago, for reasons now unknown, I signed up for the 2015 Coventry Half Marathon. I think that the reason I entered was to give my training some purpose.

Anyway, my training went to plan to the extent that I found myself with nearly four thousand other runners, shuffling around outside of the transport museum waiting for the off.

I was hoping to finish in under two hours so lined up in the sub two hour area in sight of the 2hr pace setter. A horn sounded and the shuffling mass shuffled, shambled, jogged and eventually started running.

I crossed the start line a four minutes later which started my personal timer thanks to the timing chip embedded in my race number.

To finish under two hours, I needed to run each mile at just under nine minutes. I managed to tootle along including up the hills arriving at the half way point in 56:48. I had passed the two hour pacer so knew that it was all going to plan. If the second (downhill) half could be run at the same pace, I’d finish well under two hours.

I was feeling happy with the way it was going and managed the second half quicker ( running so called negative splits ) to finish in 1:52:04 – well within my planned two hours.

I collected my medal and goodies bag before finding the car and returning home.

The race had gone well – I’d finished well inside my target time and wasn’t completely knackered. #happy bunny.


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